Expertise & Projects      Willem Hienekamp



Technical systems, control and interfacing


1982  Design, production and selling of lighting controlsystems, a new lightweight dimming system.


1985  Design, production and selling of a lighting control computer, development of software and hardware. Speciality was the simplicity of use.


1986  Electronic control for a motordriven system to assist physical deprived people while eating, Revalidatie Instituut Muiderpoort (RIM) Amsterdam


1987  Mechanical-electronical systems for lasershows, Laserpromotions, Leiden


1996  Software and hardware, integrating videoanalysis, motorcontrol and datastorage for a computer and machine for automated digitizing and documenting of old random sized pictures, Kappelhof & Fermont, Rotterdam


2001  modification of keyboards for harbour traffic control, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam


2002  Modification of KVMswitches and design of additional controlsystems to achieve intelligent switching at the controldesks of the harbour traffic control, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam



Art projects


1981  "Pedaalbas", Hans Visser

An electronic-mechanical system, using pneumatics, that offers an independent choice of the fundamental frequency of 3 strings of a bass-guitar out of 5 pitches, during a concert. Used on the LP "Circus", van Flairck, 1981


1982  "Microman", Dick Raaymakers

Design and production of small-scaled objects and a soundsystem that generate sounds during a performance. The sounds are generated by the material and are amplified by the soundsystem. The objects and sounds must be related to the first soundmovie of Laurel en Hardy.


1983  "Soundwall", Dick Raaymakers

The design of a big installation, making movements in relation to same movie as at "Microman".


1983  "Hartproject 1", Jeanette Yanikian

Development of electronical interfaces to the heartbeats, for musical use.


1983  "Roterboom", Stg. Dansproduktie, Harry de Wit

Design and production of high slim towers positioned on the floor during dance performances, with each four in 2 directions controlled rotatable speakers, giving high frequency sound.


1984  "Cellofoon", Monika van der Zwan

Design and buidling of an electronic cello. Use of special developed ceramic soundsensors.


1984  "Marienbad", Onafhankelijk Toneel

Design of a big lightarmature, electromechanically dimmable and changeable of colour, hanging above the floor, slowly swinging from one side to the other.


1984  "Gitareninstallaties", Remko Scha

Contactmicrophones and preamplifiers for the big mechanical sound performances.


1984  "Lichtmantel", "Zo gepiept", RobertPaul

Design of props and parts of costumes : Long led arrays attached on the front of a coat, battery feeded.


1985  "Klanktafel", "Hetze", Onafhankelijk Toneel

Design and production of a table that was able to make special mechanical squeeking sounds.


1985  "Klankvloeren". Harry de Wit

Acoustical musical sounding floor elements to be used during performances.


1985  "Centrale électrique de Yainville", Harry de Wit

Electronical and mechanical parts designed and build on the spot, the mechanical construction of an old electrical power station was to be used as a source of sound and visual performance.


1986  "Lange snaar" + "Slagharp", "Circuit 17",Hans van Manen, Stg. Dansproductie, Harry de Wit

Designed and build, two new musical instruments, asked to be transparant. To be used during performances, in combination with singing (Elise Lorraine).


1986  "Embodiment", Stg. Dansproduktie, Harry de Wit

Designed and build the electronics of the suits of three dancers, with several sensors, each connected to a soundmachine.


1987  "Hartproject Aorta", Jeanette Yanikian

Next step following the earlier project. The soundsystem connected to the electrical pulses of the heart.


1988  "Klanksturing", Dick Borstlap

Electronics designed and build, analog systems looking at the oscillations of strings and influencing the soundoutput, controlled by the composer.



Free art


1983  Taktom  

A mechanical-electronic musical instrument, consisting of pressure sensitive fingertips, glued on the fingers, and for each sensor an analog working soundmaker. This makes an original, adjustable, sound, with still a great influence of the way the fingertips are struck, pushed or rubbed. The sounds can be very noisy.


1984  Beo's

Electronical instruments, small boxes, making sound when the light changes, often like a kind of birdwhistle.

1985  Vonkenorgel

An instrument using high currents, making big sparks, looking and sounding dangerous. A few different sparking elements are generating somewhat different sounds.


1989  Hemelontvanger

A big installation, on the lawn of University Twente, near the centre. The 7 antennea, 8 m. long, positioned along a circle, are moveable up and down and take a position depending on the light, like a flower. When it is dark they are vertical.

Each antenna is a radioantenna and it receives radiomessages on shortwave, the frequency depending on the position. The different sounds can be heard, coming out of the antennae.


1991  Nr. Lone

A truncated cone, 1.8 m. high, 60-40 cm. diam., made of flexible connected, heavy wooden parts standing in the middle. At both sides a gray box is standing. Tensionable black ropes are connected to these boxes, connected to a thicker black rope, that is drawn around the wooden central cone. A computer with a learning program tries to draw the rope to the top.


1992  Dubio

Two thin poles, 2.2 m. long, are connected at the top by a third thin bar. Each pole is at the bottom connected to a low foot, and can pivot there in all directions. It is an unstable construction, a computer controls with low forces in the feet the pivoting connections.


1993  Depend

At a high point a wire is connected at the ceiling and at the low, dangling end a horizontal flat round element, 10 cm. diam., is connected to it. Beneath this element are two square elements, standing on poles. The elements are magnetic and push each other away. The dangling element tries to come in the middle but the squares push it away. When the round element comes near a square a noise sound is heard, louder when the pushing force is higher, it gives a organic breath-like sound. A computer changes the position of the squares, in this way the pattern is very dynamic and changing.


1995  Cell

This installation consists of a flexible constellation of 24 lightweight bars, measuring 0.2- 3.5 m. high. It is kept in shape by a kernel that is connected by 12 strings, one to each of the 12 vertices. The strings are motordriven, they can be wound up inside the kernel. The kernel is connected to a computercontrol. The constellation moves forward by rolling when the 12 strings are pulled in the right order.




Concepts of Kappelhof & Fermont, Rotterdam


1986  Electronics and mechanical systems, Havenexpositie Hoek van Holland


1987  Electrocontrolled simulation of motion of vessels, Havenmuseum


1996  Computercontrolsystem for a interactive multimedia exposition, Volkenkundig Museum


1997  Computercontrolled multimediagame,  Volkenkundig Museum




Multimedia- and videoproductions,

produced in collaboration with Ixi Media


1998  Arnhem 2015

Visual presentation of four scenarios of development of Arnhem,  as a part of a political discusssion.


1999  Partners in Verpakkingen, Edam

Presentation of production processes.


1999  Hout- en Meubileringscollege, Rotterdam/Amsterdam

Presentation of the course-choices, the practice during classes and after finishing the course.